Calypso Cove at Barnsley Metrodome

Country Leisure have completed a major redevelopment of the indoor water park facility at Barnsley Metrodome.

The newly named Calypso Cove features a Caribbean, pirate theme, centered around the main leisure pool and includes a variety of new flume rides, pirate ships and pool features designed, manufactured and installed by Country Leisure .

A variety of special effects were also added to enhance the user experience:-

The volcano themed space bowl ride included an eruption sound and light effect.

The new family flume was kitted out with an interactive music system allowing riders to select music tracks from a choice of genres at the start of the ride. Multiple speakers installed at intervals in the flume canopy carry the beats along the entire length of the ride.

The plummeting speed flume is plunged into darkness with a black hole effect and includes a section of translucent rings which add to the exhilarating high speed experience.

Meanwhile cannon fire and explosions can be heard aboard the large pirate ship whilst candles flicker in the ships lamps and captains quarters.